Environmental Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand, Nepal, Laos

UK Volunteers are welcome to join Community Development, Education, Environmental, Eco Tourism, and Conservation Projects

Eco volunteer opportunities to support local ecotourism projects by developing local resources such as accommodation, transportation, trekking, guide services.

Why become a sustainable eco tourism and environmental wildlife conservation eco volunteer?

responsible ecotourism

Knowledge is key to sustainable environmental, eco tourism and community development, and wildlife conservation in Thailand, Laos, Nepal.

UK Environmental Volunteer, where?

Sustainable eco tourism, environmental, and wildlife conservation in villages, local communities, and national parks in Thailand, Laos, and Nepal.
With Openmind Projects you find eco volunteer opportunities in Thailand, Laos, and Nepal. You can join a sustainable eco tourism and community development, environmental, and conservation project in a village, national park, organic farm, elephant, or marine project. When you volunteer in sustainable community, eco tourism development, and wildlife conservation projects, you give needed and appreciated help the local community or national park. You help them conserve their environment and protect wildlife and nature so they, rather than tour operators from abroad, benefit from eco tourism. Eco volunteer positions are available in Thailand, Laos, and Nepal in jungles, mountains, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, by the sea, or on islands.


Community based eco tourism, trail building, and teaching
In Ban Na and Ban Hat Kai villages near the Phou KhaoKhouai National Protected Area.
The Water Buffalo Mountain

Community based eco tourism, trail building and teaching


Responsible and sustainable eco tourism;
Development and teaching in the Andaman Sea in Thailand on the famous
Similan Islands

Sustainable eco tourism
Development and teaching in South Thailand at the Phang Nga National Park Eco Project

Eco tourism and community development
Trail building and teaching in northeast Thailand in the
Phu Wua Mountain Villages and Schools
Community and eco tourism development and teaching
In a Koh Lanta village in south Thailand at the
Koh Lanta Island Eco, Village, and School Project

Marine research, scuba diving, and teaching English
On beautiful Phuket Island at the Phuket Marine Research Center

Marine wildlife protection
On the stunning Andaman Sea coast of Phang Nga province at the Thai Mueang Marine Wildlife Conservation Center


Sustainable eco tourism and community development Trail building and teaching in the Gawai village near
Chitwan National Park

Animal welfare and elephant care
In southern Nepal at the Chitwan Elephant Care Center


As an Eco Tourism and Wildlife Volunteer in Thailand, Laos, or Nepal you can:

Helping local people understand the benefits of wildlife conservation and offering eco tourism experiences to travelers. Teach English to local guides, national park staff, host families, and children. Design or improve community based and national park eco tourism brochures and pamphlets in English. Design responsible eco tourism web sites for national parks and local communities. Support local eco tourism by helping to develop local handicraft and other village products for sale. Build trails and go trekking in the jungles and mountains while training local guides in English. Contribute to improving local resources in community based eco tourism projects such as accommodation, transportation, trekking, and other guide and host family services. Translate national park information into English.  Work with elephants. Participate in wildlife surveys, if you have the proper qualifications.  Scuba diving in Thailand when projects conduct research or coral reef and other surveys.

Community Based and Sustainable Eco Tourism in Thailand, Nepal, and Laos: what it means

Sustainable community and eco tourism development means avoiding damage to the local environment and nature, which is a major problem with mass tourism in Thailand where coral reefs are badly damaged by boats carrying tourists anchoring on the reefs, animals are poached, plants are harvested to the verge of extinction, and vast areas of forest are over logged.

Responsible and sustainable eco tourism avoids undesirable effects on local culture, traditions, and behavior, also a common problem with mass tourism. In Nepal and Cambodia many children learn to beg instead of learning for a job.

Community based eco tourism involves the local population and offers an alternative source of income to local communities instead of being paid to poach animals and hardwood trees, which frequently happens in Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Nepal.

UK volunteers are welcome to join Eco Tourism and Conservation Projects in Thailand, Laos, and Nepal



Community development, environmental, eco tourism, and conservation volunteering overseas
UK volunteer environmental opportunities in Thailand, Nepal, Laos. Environmental Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand, Nepal, Laos



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